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Eladore is simply Ellie Loves

"I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved" George Eliot

Eladore is a beautiful brand created with the customer at the forefront. We think the more we know about you the better equipped we are to make you a perfect piece. We don’t like to use trade jargon that you won’t understand and we especially don’t like boring you with the 4 c’s of a diamond because as far as we are concerned you don’t wear the certificate, a good stone should just be a standard requirement.

We have designed this website to guide you through the process of choosing a perfect piece of jewellery and at every point we want you to reach out and say hello because we love a good chat, and for us that’s where we shine. Whether it’s for a proposal, anniversary or special birthday. We have ideas and suggestions all with the aim of helping you find or design a beautiful, well-crafted jewel.

We hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we have loved creating them.

With love from

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